Our History

Before creating and operating an incomparable aquatic rehabilitation program and senior day care centre, Joyce Wilson began her journey in aquatics at an early age, competing at a national level in swimming and diving. Utilizing her passion in aquatics, Joyce obtained employment as a Life Guard for Aldergrove Lake in 1965. Shortly after, Joyce Wilson and Harry Keillor, inventor and original owner of Aldergrove Lake and Park, shared a family of two young girls.

The privately owned, indoor pool at Fraser Valley Aquatic Rehabilitation was designed by Joyce and Harry, along with a group of professionals hired to carry out their vision. Built inside their home in 1979, this place of healing began as part of the family. In 1981, the pool developed into a place of therapy for Harry who suffered from heart disease, then a stroke, and later passed away in 1988. Joyce continued to help others affected by similar conditions in the same way she found the pool useful for Harry.

By 1997, Joyce recognized the need for warm water therapy was so great, she decided to further her education in aquatic therapy and became the first Watsu® Practitioner in British Columbia. Combining her aquatic background, life guarding, hands-on experience in long term care and Watsu® training, Joyce provided one-on-one aquatic rehabilitation, on an hourly basis, to those affected by traumatic brain injury, stroke, cerebral palsy and any other condition which would benefit from her program. The demand for this program encouraged Joyce to close the Adult Day Care in 2010 and focus solely on her growing rehabilitation program now named Fraser Valley Aquatic Rehabilitation.

In 2010, Joyce’s daughter Holly, became part owner of the company, following many years of employment as an aquatic therapist with her mother. With a history of 8 years in competitive gymnastics and a similar educational path as her mother in nursing and aquatics, Holly furthered her education in Kinesiology, various stretch therapy programs, personal training, life guarding and created her own trademarked therapy named Aquassage™.

Together, Joyce and Holly have continued to grow as a team in their goals to support their surrounding communities with an outstanding, one of a kind, aquatic therapy program.